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On the 8th day God, created Photoshop! And it was GOOD :)

Lens Flare Effect

My editing style in Photoshop is called Non-Destructive. What that means is that we apply effects to the image without actually altering the original image itself. Yes, of course, I do still use the Healing Brush and Liquify, which do alter the base image, but more likely than not I will work with Adjustment layers, […]

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Morning Light effect

Lighting Trends and Effects There Is a new lighting trend primarily associated with today’s advertising and commercial fashion industries. I called this effect morning light. Personally I hate the effect, but nonetheless its popularity seems to be growing today and even I must learn to change with the times. If you do not enjoy shooting […]

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Photo Greeting Cards

I love the Holiday season and this is a wonderful opportunity to share some of my photography with family and friends. Making your own cards couldn’t be easier with blank InkJet or Laser printer cards, available everywhere. Creating perfect holiday photo cards should be an enjoyable experience and not an agonizing chore. Choosing a great […]

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Printing Your Own Calendars

I like to do something to show my Muse Models a little appreciation for the holidays. I came up with something to thrill the models and keep them motivated to shoot all year… Calendars!! I started with Jeffrey Frield’s Calendar Script for Photoshop, and installed it per Jeffery’s instructions. Run Jefferey’s calendar script, just like […]

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Easy GreenScreen Plugin for Photoshop v3.0

Shooting on Chroma-key or Green Screen backdrops have come a long way with today’s technological advances. The purpose of this article is to explore the advantages of one plugin in particular; the Easy Green Screen 3.0 plugin, available from:, as Freeware. The plugin is available for all versions of Photoshop, CS or higher, running […]

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on the 8th day God, created Photoshop

Photoshop is a very powerful program, full of awe inspiring features that are only limited by you’re skills and imagine. But Photoshop can also be very overwhelming at times. I have a few tutorials designed to teach you some of the commonly used tools and processes, so you can become more comfortable and productive.

I am not an Adobe certified Photoshop guru, but I do use it allot, in fact I use it every day and have since version 2.4.

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