Gallery 2

Dr. Dave’s Graphics, all started in 1994 with my desire to publish my works on the internet. We moved at a much slower pace back in those days, with 19900Kb modems. I taught myself networking and all about websevers, so I could see the changes immediately and avoid waiting for uploads and refreshes. I won’t bore you with all of the geekie details, but today’s internet technology has come so far. I now have over 16 years experience with webservers and internet technology. I taught webservers for/to Dot Com’s since 1998 and have seen vertically every web server on the market today. Still graphics are my first love! Because of this Dr. Dave’s Graphics, is familiar with most of the popular web galleries available today. I discuses a few of my personal favorites below.

Flash CompCards

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Gallery 2

The features that have that have led to my addiction with Gallery 2 are almost limitless. I mentioned the collective collaboration between developers throughout the world. Its the specific needs of all of the individualizes that have made Galley 2, what it is today.

What I Really LOVE about Gallery 2, is the integration plugin for WordPress. Users from either/both systems can login once and seamlessly move between the two systems where securities have configured. I do not usually show my clients to see the out takes, but most models need to see everything in order to evaluate their own performance. Creating one “group” folder, with individual sub folders makes security quick and secure once the system has been configured.

Gallery 2 has revolutionized how I work and conduct my photography business. My workflow. For example; utilizing Adobe Lightroom 3, I am no longer required to create jpg files, in order for clients to view the proofs from photo assignments. A Lightroom export plugin is available to upload directly to Gallery 2. All I need to do is add a new user and set that new directory permissions, which takes about one minute on days when the internet is slow. The security of this system is exceptional and simple to configure.

Gallery 3,

 Dr. Dave’s Graphics, offers a nice selection of self promotional tools and web sites for those specializing in the modeling industry. This Flash CompCard is only one of many such products. This CompCard, makes a lasting impression, especially when burned to a Business card sized CD-ROM or DVD.

Being a photographer myself, I know the name of the game is to Get Your Name Out There. This is key to success in the business of world of today and twice as important as your portfolio. After all, what good is a stunning portfolio if nobody knows who you are or how to find you!

At Dr. Dave’s Graphics, we utilize our creative, cutting edge and artistic flare to keep your viewers coming back for more. We offers a number of products and services specifically designed for your personal and professional needs.

In the example to the right; Three galleries have been removed and twenty five images have been removed from the gallery that is available. Music is Off by default and the e-mail contact form has been disabled. To contact Tiera directly please feel free to visit her professional website:

SlideshowPro is an outstanding Adobe Lightroom, web publishing plugin. If you’re already a Lightroom fan I do not have to tell you the advantages. I love the ability to publish proof files to the internet for models. Without converting Raw files to JPG and needlessly wasting valuable hard drive space.

The vast array of websites pre-configured within Lightroom’s web gallery are abundant, but noting compares to the touch of class a SlideshowPro Gallery will add to your overall presentation and professional look. A standard HTML web page is generated for you with each gallery you export. This makes typical – static internet galleries a breeze. However the initial configuration on a dynamic CMS, Content Management System, can be very tricky for first times.

Dr. Dave’s Graphics, can provide this initial configuration for you, in most cases for as little as $25.00. We’ll take the frustration factor of researching – enabling all of the options, so you get back to the fun. But here is a FREE Tip. Whenever your having issues, go with an absolute path! It Works!

Basic Do-It-Yourself package includes all templates, source code and script files to enable: the main gallery within your CMS. Enabling Full-Screen mode, Enabling the Pop-Up single image. Install Services & Packages

Gallery 2 is my favorite dynamic visual arts delivery system for several reasons. Its an outstanding open source project with hundreds of contributors world wide. It is this collective collaboration among developers that has made Gallery 2, so diverse and flexible. It is available as an optional script with many leading web hosting solutions or available HERE as a downloadable, diy package..

Dr. Dave’s Graphics has extensive experience installing, configuring and customizing Gallery2 since early 2006. Today Gallery 2, is unsurpassed by any “free” open source dynamic system on the internet. IMHO..

The basic, default install is pretty seamless, even for the novas user. All that is required is to create a database No Tables, and provide a database login name and password. Then follow the easy 10 step installation wizard, via your favorite web browser.

I do however recommend that anyone considering using their Gallery 2, site for commercial purposes, that you install a trial run before going into full production. Upon first glance the documentation makes it look a bit overwhelming and several of the advance options can be.

The only criticism I have with this awe inspiring system, is with the documentation – the way it is presented and indexed within their website. There is plenty of it, but it’s not on their website in a coherent manor. A Google search will generally resolve all of your immediate needs and/or if you really get stuck consider Dr. Dave’s Graphics, consulting service. 🙂

Gallery 3, is now out of beta and available for general use. I really must admit the 2 step install is so simple… I would defiantly recommend this to to anyone looking for a lightweight, dynamic, stand-alone gallery!