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WordPress ImagePoll

A friend of mine had been bugging me for weeks to write her a “simple script” so she could Rate Guys on her website. I didn’t really have the time to reinvent the wheel for her, but she’s always so sweet. So what I did was a simple work-around using Andrew Sutherland, Democracy Poll (a WordPress plugin) Last I heard she is still running it, so I guess it’s passed the test and I’m ready to share it with you here 🙂

The first step it to go to either of the link above and download the plugin. Install it according to Andrew’s instructions. We do not need the widget, ignore that part if you wish.
Next we need to prepare some images and upload them into your favorite gallery.
I would be carefully to resize the images so that they are not to big, but that’s just me.
Next you need to find the image paths. I uploaded mine into WordPress media library. so finding the images is easy. in Dashboard click on Media. I found the images I want to use and click on Edit. Towards the bottom of the edit page, you’ll see File URL (fig 1)

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on the 8th day God, created Photoshop

Photoshop is a very powerful program, full of awe inspiring features that are only limited by you’re skills and imagine. But Photoshop can also be very overwhelming at times. I have a few tutorials designed to teach you some of the commonly used tools and processes, so you can become more comfortable and productive.

I am not an Adobe certified Photoshop guru, but I do use it allot, in fact I use it every day and have since version 2.4.

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Search Engine Rankings

Many experts say that consumers and small business use the internet to find products and services and as a matter of preference about local businesses draw 82% usage of the searches. This means there is a lot of opportunity for local companies with high SEO orientation.

Recently I spoke at a local business luncheon who’s focus was the optimization of local web search. Out of all the good

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Gallery 2

Dr. Dave’s Graphics, all started in 1994 with my desire to publish my works on the internet. We moved at a much slower pace back in those days, with 19900Kb modems. I taught myself networking and all about websevers, so I could see the changes immediately and avoid waiting for uploads and refreshes. I won’t […]

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