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Hidden Secret Options Inside WordPress Admin Panel

This is one of the cool little secrets that you should know about. WordPress has a Master Options Panel in the admin panel which is hidden. This page shows a combination of all settings for your blog, and it is something that you should not mess with. Nevertheless you should still know about it because […]

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Define Common Image Folder for Multisite

wanna define a single common image directory for your Multisite? In WordPress multisite, media uploaded from the subsite users are stored to different subdirectories using blog id into uploads folder. But, if you need to save all media files in one folder rather than uploads folder with lots of child folders, then you are in […]

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Social Sharing without Javascript

I write a book on the pros and cons of Javascript. As a web developer, of course, I use it daily, but I always try to keep it to a minimum. While writing my new theme for this site, I wanted to make an extra effort to be smart phone friendly and limiting the server […]

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A Better Bio Box

I recently had a request from a clients running a multi-author blog, to incorporate a multi-author bio box. They really needed to credit numerous team members associated with a single blog post or article. It’s easy enough to add new roles in WordPress these days! WordPress has robust built-in Roles and Capabilities system designed to […]

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WordPress Multisite Install as easy as 1, 2, 3,

Setting up a WordPress Multisite or Network site is pretty simple, especially after the third or forth time. I’m going to share a few tips to make your first WordPress Multistage install go quick real – and painless too πŸ™‚ There are a few considerations you need to be clear on before you begin, so […]

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WordPress ImagePoll

A friend of mine had been bugging me for weeks to write her a “simple script” so she could Rate Guys on her website. I didn’t really have the time to reinvent the wheel for her, but she’s always so sweet. So what I did was a simple work-around using Andrew Sutherland, Democracy Poll (a WordPress plugin) Last I heard she is still running it, so I guess it’s passed the test and I’m ready to share it with you here πŸ™‚

The first step it to go to either of the link above and download the plugin. Install it according to Andrew’s instructions. We do not need the widget, ignore that part if you wish.
Next we need to prepare some images and upload them into your favorite gallery.
I would be carefully to resize the images so that they are not to big, but that’s just me.
Next you need to find the image paths. I uploaded mine into WordPress media library. so finding the images is easy. in Dashboard click on Media. I found the images I want to use and click on Edit. Towards the bottom of the edit page, you’ll see File URL (fig 1)

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Search Engine Rankings

Many experts say that consumers and small business use the internet to find products and services and as a matter of preference about local businesses draw 82% usage of the searches. This means there is a lot of opportunity for local companies with high SEO orientation.

Recently I spoke at a local business luncheon who’s focus was the optimization of local web search. Out of all the good

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